How it all started...

With a discerning eye for beautiful, feminine jewellery, sisters Shama and Sana, created Sia Shafer, a collection that encapsulates three generations of creative design and a family passion for timeless pieces.

Sia Shafer, named after Shama’s daughter, Sia, epitomises life, joy and happiness. These are traits that the sisters hoped to encompass in their pieces and transfer to others when wearing Sia Shafer.

As young girls, Shama and Sana were taken by their mother, Yasmin’s jewellery collection that painted a picture of years past. As they grew up, their passion for jewellery remained but life and daily routines took over. This left little time to explore the possibility of pursuing the dream to create their own unique pieces that could one day be found in other jewellery boxes around the world.

After years of commissioning their own designs with select jewellers, the sisters were urged to pursue a passion that had encapsulated the family for generations.

It was from here that Sia Shafer was born.