Social Responsibility

We're big believers in making our mark on the world... but we're also just as passionate about doing our bit for the community. We're not on the same scale as Greta Thunberg so you'll have to bear with us however we've worked hard in ensuring that we only work with those individuals whose social responsibility policies are consistent with ours. 

As such, we only work with those workshops which have demonstrated a clear commitment to responsible and sustainable business and have made the following assurances:

  • The promise to enhance the quality of life for all its employees;
  • The promise to continually improve the workplace above and beyond the occupational health and safety standard; and
  • The promise to prevent pollution and rehabilitate the environment by restricting water pollution released from its premises and promoting material reuse. 

The very nature of our work centres around the use of fine jewellery and gemstones making it that much more important that we act responsibly and adopt ethical practices at source. It is therefore with great pride that we can claim that the workshops that we work with do not support the use of minerals or materials that are in any way associated with financing conflict or regional violence. 

We are very much a work in progress and every effort is made to continually improve our ethical business practices.