Our Jewellery

Why is Sia Shafer Jewellery so precious?

The Sia Shafer jewellery range is made up of sterling silver and ‘vermeil’ gold.

Why are we telling you this? It’s because we know how important it is for all of our jewellery wearers to understand exactly what they are wearing. Our vermeil jewellery has a thicker layer of gold plating consisting of a minimum 2.5 microns. This is a huge five times thicker than standard gold plated jewellery, making a more premium product. The premium quality will invariably mean that vermeil jewellery will cost more to create and therefore purchase. Although there are a few aspects of gold plated and vermeil jewellery that are similar, there is a material difference in quality and durability with vermeil jewellery, making vermeil jewellery the preferred choice nearly every time.    

Our reason behind working with vermeil gold was to maintain the premium feel for our wearers, at an affordable level when compared to solid gold. We do not use cheap base metal alloys such as steel or brass that tarnish quickly and can cause reactions towards sensitive skin types. This we feel ought to be a very important consideration when making a jewellery purchase.

Our focus is to create beautiful jewellery of an exceedingly high quality, complemented by exacting craftsmanship in its design.  

What is ‘Vermeil’ (pronounced vur-may?)

Vermeil is genuine sterling silver metal (925 minimum) that has gone through an exacting and precise process of plating 14-24 carat real gold with a minimum of 2.5 microns which is five times thicker than your standard gold plated.

What is the difference between Vermeil and Gold Plating?

With gold plated jewellery, any metal can be used as the base and the plating of the gold can be of varying levels in terms of purity. This is why gold plated jewellery is a lot cheaper to produce and more easily accessible. Often a very thin layer of gold is applied to gold plated jewellery and because of this; the gold plating often, and very quickly, wears off, leaving you with the base only.

We feel that it is extremely important for our customers to be aware of these material differences when making an investment in their jewellery. Armed with this information our customers are able to make an informed decision in their jewellery choices.