Press Release


01 November 2019

SIA SHAFER today announces the launch of its demi-fine jewellery to the world, with its offering of precisely created pieces of art (or shall I say jewellery) to consumers worldwide. What’s more, these little gems enter an emerging market and in so doing, bring together the best elements of fine and costume jewellery to sit in the ‘sweet spot’ for discerning consumers who are crying out for more…Cue its entrance!    

The range will be sterling silver, gold plated or ‘vermeil’ jewellery. Vermeil jewellery has a thicker layer of gold plating than standard gold plated jewellery and is considered a more premium product. The logic behind this was to maintain the premium and our fear not to ‘dabble’ in other base alloy metals which are commonly used as they are cheaper to source and manufacture.  

There is a commonly held belief that the nicest-looking things in life often come with a huge price tag and we questioned why this was still the case in the 21st century? Our use of vermeil allows us to ensure that our pieces are attainable without compromising on quality and excellent craftsmanship whilst still delivering a luxury product. We want our consumers to take jewellery seriously... just not too seriously.

Our pieces are best described as minimalist with a dainty aesthetic but with a touch of creativity that allows the wearer to express their individuality. The intention is for the jewellery to be subtle yet expressive, unique yet accessible and versatile yet still maintains the sense of personality. In short, our pieces can be summed up as carefully curated pieces of luxury, each having a life of its own. Yes, each of our pieces has its own name (even the one that does not!) and a précis that best describes each one.   

Sia Shafer’s jewellery retails from £35 for a pair of earrings up to £195 for our show stopper, the ‘’27 noun’’. The range included at launch will consist of 17 pieces in variations of sterling silver and gold, featuring one that is so unique it is titled ‘’Untitled’’ and yes has no name to ‘‘Villanelle’’ who has its next wearer aligned in her cross-hairs. Already our designers are in the process of delivering their next brief for Sia Shafer’s next range that is planned for later in the year. 

The line-up presented at its inception brings a touch of mystique to the market with a difference consisting of a selection of accessibly priced earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and ring designs.      

Who is behind Sia Shafer?

‘’It was a dreary and miserable Sunday evening. Last night's cold pizza. Three lawyers sit side by side as miserable as the weather and wonder how it came to this. Thoughts of Monday's long commute and the endless shuffling of paper files are briefly interrupted by the possibility of something more, something different and something that started the very beginnings of Sia Shafer…

Was this a moment of self-indulgence? Entirely.

Was it whimsical? Absolutely.

Could it be magical? We'll let you be the judge of that…’’

What’s the plan?

“Sia Shafer will transform the market by offering consumers beautifully delicate yet striking pieces of jewellery they have told us they want but aren’t getting” says Shama Karim, Designer and Director, Sia Shafer.

“Our jewellery offers consumers something modern: a sparkle and creates a sense of confidence when worn and all at a very accessible price. We say a small price to pay for all of that! In addition to a deep understanding of what consumers want, Sia Shafer brings innovation and a commitment to transparency to the jewellery sector,” adds Sana Karim, Designer and Director, Sia Shafer.

“We intend to introduce more designs and plan the introduction of precious gemstones as the range evolves, and the careful efficiency of our design and development process means we will always offer Sia Shafer jewellery at accessible prices,” Shama Karim noted.

Sia Shafer will launch in the UK but will be available to worldwide consumers through the Sia Shafer London’s e-commerce website, with its retail partnerships to be announced in due course.